PlayOn World International Country Flag Soccer Ball

PlayOn World International Country Flag

PlayOn World International Country Flag Soccer Ball

PlayOn World International Country Flag Soccer Ball

  • Full Sized #5 Soccer Ball
  • Machine Stitched Construction and Internal Nylon Wound Bladder for Maximum Durability and Long-Lasting Performance
  • Waterproof PVC Foam Leather
  • Utilize ONLY on Grass or Artificial Turf

PlayOn World International Details

  • Item Dimensions: 7.6 x 7.3 x 4.2 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 12.6 ounces
  • ASIN: B01M04P81N
  • Normal Customer Review: 4.3 out of 5 stars See all audits

International Country Flag Soccer Ball Reviews

World Play on gave my family this great soccer ball to experiment with! Recently we had a fabulous time playing in the leaves and with our new soccer ball “PlayOn! World International Country Flag Soccer Ball.” Nicknamed the “world container ball” in our home in light of the fact that the ball itself is so brilliant and bright as the nation state banners circumvent it. Utilizing this ball made a cluster of interest from my youngsters about different nations so it was really something on the grounds that while playing this ball we additionally got the opportunity to find out about different nations banners and societies. It was the focal point of discussion. This was my first time constantly requesting a ball on the web, after this being my first experience I surmise that balls ought to accompany whatever connection is required (filling needle) to appropriately fill the item. I comprehend because of weight issues/bundling why I got it like this. In any case, certainly something to consider next time I arrange a ball on the web. The ball itself works pleasantly like a customary soccer ball, once we got the needle to load with vacuum apparatus the children had an incredible time playing with it. Waterproof PVC Foam Leather and the sewing around the ball as found in photograph 2 is high caliber


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