Nike Premier

Nike Premier Team Ball

Nike Premier Team Ball

Hand-sewed and expertly created, the Nike Premier Team Soccer Ball is worked to last. COVER: Hand-sewed PU for solidness. Geo Balanced innovation for genuine, exact flight. BLADDER: Six-wing latex for bounce back and air maintenance. Imported. NFHS affirmed. 46/29/22/3 elastic/polyester/polyurethane/cotton. Take note of: All of our balls are delivered flattened. This aides in keeping our transportation costs low, investment funds that we can pass on to you. Standard Ball Sizing Size 5: ages 12 and up Size 4: ages 8-12 Size 3: ages 8 and under Size 1: aptitudes/rehearse

Product Details

Thing Weight: 1.6 pounds

Shipping Weight: 2.2 pounds (View shipping rates and strategies)


Customer Reviews

I purchased this subsequent to purchasing and after that giving back a $30 adidas ball, which was all around looked into yet clearly low quality – the individual boards flew out at weird edges along the sewing, and the ball was unbalanced. This nike ball the second I’ve possessed – is unmistakably a stage up. The sewing and board bulge are exceptionally general. The ball’s weight and flexibility feel as they should (to somebody who’s been playing as a novice for a long time), and the ball holds air about as it ought to. This is an incredible ball at the cost. I’d get it again instant.

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