Mitre Urban Street Soccer Ball

Mitre Urban Street Ball

Mitre Urban Street Soccer Ball

Mitre Urban Street  Ball

The Miter Urban road soccer ball has a road intense, ultra-strong, 32 board hand sewn cover produced using vulcanized elastic. A tire tread surface gives upgraded grasp and solidness and the high air maintenance bladder considers less upkeep. This ball is ideal for extreme play in Urban roads or some other surface you can consider. The fluorescent spray painting representation truly emerge. The ball SHIPS flattened so a pump will be required to blow up the ball before utilize. Keep in mind to soak the required before embeddings into the ball. Measure 5 (official size) Suggested for a very long time 12 and up. Check with your mentor or League for size prerequisites.

Mitre Urban Street Details

  • Shipping Weight: 15.2 ounces
  • Local Shipping: Item can be transported inside U.S.
  • Global Shipping: This thing can be transported to choose nations outside of the U.S. Take in More
  • ASIN: B0112RMQZQ
  • Thing model number: 40-46383120AZ

Mitre Urban  Ball Reviews

  • Great, extreme ball. A little on the substantial side and it has a few anomalies so it doesn’t generally move straight. However, it’s alright to ply on asphalt and cement.
  • Excelent ball for road soccer! it doesnt get any harm on road surfaces like black-top or any hard surfaces.
  • The ball was ideal for road play
  • the ideal ball for any surface. I utilize it for spilling in the city, kicking by the pool, and playing soccer at the shoreline.


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