Baden Messi Series Soccer Ball

Baden Messi Soccer Ball

Baden Messi Series Soccer Ball

Baden Messi  Soccer Ball

  • Padded Cover for a gentler touch with ideal playability
  • Fortified butyl bladder for air and shape maintenance
  • Sparkling gold or green weave examples to speak to Messi’s 4-time win of the Balloon d’Or
  • Continues bolster the Leo Messi Foundation
  • Right now accessible in size 5 and size 2

Baden Messi  Details

  • Thing Weight: 5 ounces
  • Shipping Weight: 5 ounces
  • ASIN: B00PS1O8X6
  • Thing model number: S150M-3001-F-Parent

Messi Soccer Ball Reviews

  • Simply know about the sizes of the balls! I didnt understand this was a little soccer ball that is no where close to the span of a direction estimate ball!
  • It is my blame for not understanding that the ball size was not control measure but rather I sincerely did not understand that a soccer ball that size even existed!
  • Culminate introduce
  • All they say in the depiction is valid.
  • Useful at the cost, however the ball isn’t even a symmetrical circle. It was deformed and rather egg-like out of the crate. Doesn’t roll appropriately and is pointless as a soccer ball. My puppy adores it however so….


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