adidas Brazuca FIFA 2014 World CupSoccer Ball

adidas Brazuca FIFA 2014 World Cup Soccer Ball

adidas Brazuca FIFA 2014 World CupSoccer Ball

adidas Brazuca FIFA 2014 World CupSoccer Ball

  • Official match soccer wad of the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brasil.
  • Best match ball produced using top of the line materials in the cover, support and bladder to guarantee consummate on-field execution.
  • External: Thermally reinforced consistent surface for a more unsurprising direction, better touch, and insignificant water take-up.
  • Produced using 100% polyurethane.
  • Most astounding FIFA appraisals in which is must breeze through tests on weight, water take-up, shape and size maintenance.

adidas Brazuca FIFA 2014 details

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  • Normal Customer Review: 4.1 out of 5 stars

FIFA 2014 World CupSoccer Ball Reviews

Try not to buy this ball from this merchant. I was expecting a brilliant ball sense they picked them for the World Cup. What I got was a ball with peeling patches, spread Adidas lettering, and paste pieces on the creases. The ball arrived in a darker delivery box secured with tape, it wasn’t even in a container that you would anticipate from a $50 ball not to mention a $120 ball. I reached the vender to attempt and give back the ball for a discount to which they cannot. I am currently attempting to get a discount from amazon themselves. I wish I could post the photos I took of the imperfections on here to demonstrate to all of you. Additionally in the event that you do some examination you will discover that the official World Cup balls are made in Pakistan not China. My ball is stamped made in china which is likewise spread… So as you have perused I am extremely frustrated with this buy. Try not to WASTE YOUR MONEY! I trust this helps your choice and you ought to def purchase this from a legitimate merchant, don’t arrange from Ann Maleta Sports!


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